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Fees to tenants:

Jameson Knights Estates Ltd are committed to transparency and have always advise prospective tenants in advance of all costs involved when entering in to a Tenancy Agreement with us. The information below details all costs involved in renting a property through us.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us, our experts will be happy to help.

Reference fees & holding deposit:

Reference fees are £50.00 per person. A holding deposit of £500.00 is required to secure the property and forms part of the full deposit due. The reference fee and holding deposit are NON-REFUNDABLE if your references prove unsatisfactory or you withdraw from the tenancy. The holding deposit is going to be refunded if the Landlord does not proceed with the tenancy for any other reason. Other charges include: check-in fee: £50.00 per person and check-out fee: £50.00 per person.

Rental Payments:

The tenancy is conditional on rent being collected via one single standing order payment (regardless of the number of tenants occupying a property) and you will be asked to complete the standing order forms when you sign your tenancy. In the event of late payments, the following charges apply: each and every rent demand @ £30.00, if a cheque issued by you needs to be represented or referred to drawer then the costs incurred by our bank will be met by yourself. NB. Non Standing order payment will be subject to £30.00 administration charge per month.

Tenants London - Jameson Knight Estate

Tenancy Bond:

This will be paid on the signing of your tenancy agreement and will be equivalent to six weeks rent. These monies will be held either byourselves or your landlord. Deposits held by Jameson Knight Estates Ltd will be protected by DPS (Deposit Protection Service) a government backed bonding scheme.


It is essential that you inform all utilities of your intended occupation.


On certain tenancies we have been instructed by the landlord to carry out property inspections. You will be given SEVEN days’ notice of the date and time of the inspection. Whilst it is preferable, you do not need to attend inspections and our inspectors will carry keys to your property. The primary purpose of these inspections is to keep us abreast of any minor repairs and maintenance that may be necessary. In the event that you fail to keep that appointment and the inspector needs to carry out a further inspection, a charge of £30.00 or contractors minimum charge will be payable by you.

Breaking of Contract:

In the event that you break your contract, you will become responsible for the landlords fees for the cost of re-letting the property.

Name Changes During Tenancies:

In the event of a name change during a tenancies term, any new tenant will have to be referenced satisfactorily and will be charged the current referencing fee. There will also be a £300.00 administration fee to be paid by the leaving tenant. NB Any name change during a tenancy will be done by Deed of Assignment. A Deed of Assignment can only be used once during a tenancy term.

Renewal of Tenancy Agreements:

At least two months before the end of your tenancy agreement you will be contacted by Jameson Knight Estates Ltd and offered (subject to your Landlords consent) the option of renewing your current agreement for a new fixed term. Should you decide to take up this option there will be a charge of £60.00 to cover the cost of re-bonding of your deposit.